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What should I bring to my first appointment?

Four handsAny films and reports from your investigations (including x-rays, ultrasounds, CTs, MRIs and/or nerve conduction tests) would be useful to have at the time of your initial consultation. These will help guide the choices made about your treatment but they are also very important when the cause for your problem is still uncertain.

The dates for any procedures or injuries that you have had is also important. In complex cases where a surgical procedure has been performed, a copy of your operation report will always be useful.

Do I need a referral to attend?

A referral is not required for you to attend a hand therapist, however a referral will be required (along with your full claim details) if your matter is WorkSafe, TAC or DVA related and you intend to claim your treatment through these organisations.

What if my injury is covered under WorkSafe (TAC or DVA)?

If your problem is WorkSafe (WorkCover), TAC or DVA related, in most cases they can be billed directly and there will be no out of pocket cost for you treatment. You will need to provide a referral from your treating doctor or specialist at the time of your initial appointment along with details of your claim number and Insurer. If this information is not provided, we may request that the account be settled at the time of your consultation, and that you arrange reimbursement of the account from your insurer.

Can I claim through Medicare?

In some cases, services can be partly rebated through Medicare via the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) Program if your condition is considered chronic and you are eligible. You will need to speak with your GP to determine your eligibility for being placed on a plan. In most cases, there will be a small gap (out of pocket expense) for the consultation fee.

What about Health Insurance – will I be covered?

Privately insured patients may be able to claim for services and/or splints through their health fund, however rebate amounts will depend on the actual fund and the level of cover taken out. If you are unsure please check with your fund to see what you may be reimbursed for. Remember to quote Occupational Therapy as the service being received.


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